Ashley Wu

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


Historically, the site of Barangaroo has been a source of physical, social and economic sustenance. However, it has been largely neglected in the past few decades. 

‘salt’ is a civic programme attached to a water research centre, that seeks to invite the community to be excited to care for the water quality of the iconic Sydney Harbour. This proposal seeks to address the sustenance of the communities’ physical and mental wellbeing by establishing a thalassotherapy centre. 

Thalassotherapy is the medicinal use of seawater. The minerals in seawater have many health benefits which can be absorbed by immersing directly in the water or partaking in products which use these minerals. 

Salt permeates throughout the site and its intention is to promote physical and mental wellbeing whilst also seeking to unobtrusively remain in the consciousness of visitors, thereby educating them on its properties and the importance of cleaning our seawater.