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Claud Zoghbi

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


RECLAIM is a leisure/entertainment hub created in response to the Sydney lock out laws, intended to restore and reinvent the city of Sydney’s music and arts culture. The Cutaway is located underneath the Barangaroo reserve where no lock out laws exist; therefore, the opportunity for a music and arts destination was seized. 

The project’s scheme is a reciprocation of Barangaroo’s urban planning, juxtaposing against its strict linear format. The spatial strategy includes a series of curved facades and strips of void which wrap around the existing structure which cater for the procession of people. These elements house the primary arena, as well distinct circulation paths.  

Responding to the subterranean nature of the Cutaway, the underground car park has been excavated and re-established as an underground club and lounge. 

These spatial strategies all intend to experientially deflect the turbulent political decisions which currently control Sydney’s leisure community. 

Lighting and materiality intertwine to dramatise the space and create a liberating atmosphere that allows the community to express Sydney’s true entertainment and leisure scene.