Julia Lau

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


Shift is a space for wellness and reflection. It’s aim is to create a visual and experiential language by engaging with the individual and creating an environment of mediation that encourages a dialogue between self and place.

The site found within the cutaway at the Barangaroo headlands reserve offers vast spatial potential. As a site rich in native history, a need to foster a sense of culture and community became apparent to its continued development.

An exploration through Australia’s exhibition at the 2016 Venice architecture biennale: shift speaks to this need by using the iconic Australian symbol of the pool; an influence that has challenged the preconception of what it means to engage with public and private spaces. Shift evokes a sense of curiosity into how bodies of water have shaped the culture and heritage of Australia for decades.

Shift aims to respond to, and communicate with the landscape in a considerate and quiet yet contemplative manner.