Kim Zeng

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


Envo=Evolve+Energy+Environment - Energy and Environment Research Centre

The new research centre at Barangaroo is a mixed use space for both researchers and visitors, which aims at promoting the development of clean energy and a sustainable environment. The main idea is to translate natural renewable resources into the space through different senses that will engage the visitors whilst outlining the importance of energy and the environment. Key elements used in the space are sunlight, rainwater, wind and bio. To balance the working environment for staff and the public space for visitors, the design proposes a journey for visitors to see what is happening in the lab on each floor while not disturbing the staff. The two types of spaces are located on individual floors and they finally come together at shared areas. The mixed use of different treatments of wooden floors, hi-tech materials and recycled materials on the ceiling, creates a tranquil atmosphere.