Praveeni Jayasuriya

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


INNOVA aims to facilitate a macrocosm of the future: the Smart City. Recognising the thriving 21st century surroundings of the Barangaroo Headland Park, this innovation centre and smart hub hosts a myriad of future-centric programs, placing it in sync with Barangaroo’s innovative and forward thinking design philosophies.


INNOVA is a social and cultural catalyst, which is enhanced by the integration of several typologies. The design process has culminated in a product that epitomises the synergies amongst entrepreneurs, innovators, technicians and creative and curious minds.


Three main spaces converge to create a community space for people to meet, create and visualise the innovations of tomorrow, enhancing citizen interaction and cultural synergy within the design of the space.


INNOVA is diverse and pluricentric in its language, supporting a wide variety of users and activities, aiming to strengthen and harmonise the relationship between various spatial areas and users and creating physical social networks.