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Rebecca Wong

Bachelor of Interior Architecture

Barangaroo Community Centre

To explore, discover and create.

The Barangaroo Community Centre is a multipurpose creative space that integrates art, music, film and dance, as well as providing a plethora of services to the community. There is a lack of leisure spaces in the urban fabric, which is essential to one’s personal growth and well-being. Thus the design of different pavilions dedicated to specific purposes allows one to foster their hobbies and interests with the required space and resources. The cultural and social diversity that the centre offers is symbolised through the intricate pattern on the exterior walls of the pavilions created with the notion of weaving coloured threads through steel mesh. The wavy pattern was inspired by the lines of the sandstone found at the site. A vibrant, colourful palette has been utilised to express a whimsical and playful atmosphere, making the community centre an iconic space that inspires imagination.