Robert Vlahovic

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


Nestled between the walls of The Cutaway at Barangaroo, the proposed design for a Kinesthetic Cultural Centre embraces the rich and profoundly vast heritage of the sole land owners – the Gadigal Community and the surrounding Miller’s Point harbour landscape pre 1780, providing an engaging and reflective “terminal” for human thought and experience. The form itself has been designed as a derivative extension to a known uninterrupted Indigenous migration trajectory from the Miller’s Point coastline to Memel (Goat Island), re – assigning visual contact and acknowledgement via the northern armature. Volume and circulation have been consciously mapped to dull hierarchy and embrace the highly significant notion of Indigenous “Country”: a place making embodiment that fuses Aboriginal individuals with a location, permeating the landscape. Through interpretation and abstraction, aspects of the environment have been detailed to invite a child – like explorative innocence, and reiterate the message that culture is transformed but never lost.