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Samuel Phan

Bachelor of Interior Architecture

MAAS Dreamtime

The Barangaroo Dreamtime Museum is an extension of the existing Power House Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. The Dream time museum explores the misconception of Aboriginal astronomy being misconstrued as simple “fairy-tales”, when in fact these stories and drawings were passed down from generation to generation to predict and navigate the land, through observation of extra-terrestrial objects. They saw themselves not as separate, external observers but as an integral part of nature and the universe.


The “Dreamtime” is structured around one main encapsulating museum space, which is structurally layered to create thresholds. In-between these thresholds are Aboriginal inspired narrative placed levels, emphasising the complexity, diversity and sensitivity that the culture once had. These narratives allow the visitors of the museum to interpret and experience Aboriginal Astronomy and help them intrinsically navigate through the space as the narratives once helped the aboriginal people navigate through the land.