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Toi Shan Chung

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


The lack of local markets juxtaposed by the increasing demand for fresh local produce, growing interest in gastronomy and agriculture and an expected population of 28,000, consisting of workers and residents of Barangaroo by 2023, justifies the need for an Urban Farm and Market Place.

ENFOLD will become a destination known for variety and accessibility to quality local produce open daily to the public whilst providing a community gathering space. This facility will celebrate Australia’s agricultural history and development, through the demonstration of selective breeding and genetic modification processes. An innovative NFT hydroponic system will demonstrate future agricultural opportunities and the sustainability of the project, meanwhile transporting visitors out of the city into a vibrant and ethereal setting at the heart of the headland park. Located within a subterranean space the proposition will include a seed bank, educational facilities and a restaurant to provide an informative and immersive experience.