Vanessa Crookson

Bachelor of Interior Architecture


The proposed design for the market is a space intended to provoke sensorial stimulation. The developing site of Barangaroo is becoming a budding new cultural and recreational hub for Sydney CBD. To bring focus into the cutaway, my proposed design is a unique market providing patrons with fresh and locally sourced produce that they are then able to freshly prepare, cook, and enjoy at the provided on site open kitchens. To further the culinary experience, there is also a restaurant, bar and brewery providing exciting gastronomy. The design will resonate with the cephalic phase of digestion by challenging and stimulating the senses through the utilisation of tactile materials. An exploration into materiality and the junctions and the subtlety of design, and the consequent behavioural effects of a material's colour and texture can have on a person. The design of the market within the cutaway highlights the manipulation of human behaviour through sensorial stimulation, to result in an experience that visualises the excitement/journey of the cephalic.