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Since 'colonisation' in 1788, Australia has neglected and pushed aside Indigenous Culture. Society has built over it, burying it under tonnes of sandstone, concrete, steel and glass in order to recreate CR Cockerell's painting, "The Professor's Dream" of 1848 (James Barnet, Colonial Architect 1862-1890 attempted to achieve this when designing Sydney).

Since 'colonisation', Indigenous Australian history has been indicated to be an important part of Australian culture. However, limited political and academic acknowledgement of the fact has resulted. A recent example of an attempt is Kevin Rudd's somewhat trivial "sorry" speech of 2008. Whilst delivered with good intentions, the effect was not as resounding as planned.

"Ngara", meaning 'to listen' in the Dharug language, is a commemorative museum dedicated to Aboriginal culture, specifically Aboriginal knowledge. The scheme does not aim to provide an answer to colonisation; instead it aims to provide a medium that facilitates conversations regarding the future of Australia.