Carla Kendall

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a design exploration into the environmental psychology of contemplative landscapes and path design. Contemplative landscapes are spaces that prompt a restorative and reflective mind; they are landscapes that calm and captivate. Walking is itself a contemplative exercise, but the design of paths can greatly influence that experience. This design aims to create paths and spaces that are scaled for mindfulness and weave moments of fascination and discovery into the experience. The design is located in the former Gasworks, sitting between the Bankstown and Inner West train lines on the edge of Macdonaldtown Station. Bordered by rail infrastructure, it is an unorthodox shape for a conventional park and so is an excellent site to explore path design. The paths that weave throughout the site use various scales, strategically placed turns and viewpoints as well as dense planting enclosure to create a contemplative and immersive experience.