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Choi Hei Bertha Tse

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Chip in Regent

Regent Street is the major traffic corridor connecting the Sydney CBD to the suburbs to south. It is congested and provides tight space for pedestrian use. This project proposes to transform Regent Street into a commercial corridor with juxtaposing effects on architecture and urban fabric. As a new commercial destination, the new Regent Street corridor guides pedestrians from Central Station along Regent Street to a lively urban square. Using the theory of spatial porosity, the design of the corridor diffuses the character of the adjacent suburb of Chippendale into Regent Street. This diffusion of urban character re-forms Regent Street from a congested roadway into a boulevard which prioritizes pedestrian use and experience over vehicular access. The framework of spatial porosity creates a series of flexible furniture along the street edge that extends and retracts which accommodates pedestrians and traffic at various times of the day, which can successfully stitches together the segregated edges to develop a bold connection for increased human interaction.