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GuoLiang Feng

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

North Eveleigh MemoRail

The memories rebirth project is a proposed post-industrial landscape at North Eveleigh Railyard adjacent to Redfern Station. It aims to address the issue of identity loss and memories faded from the public due to the change and loss of functions. The atmosphere of the railyard is strongly characterised by the significant industrial heritage buildings of the surrounding area. 

The project reveals the unseen beauty of the industrial memories by reinstating layers of railway and industrial memories. It preserves the industrial character and reinterprets the landscape as a place-specific. It promotes circulation orchestrated with the relics of the railway alignment, engages in adaptive reuse of heritage elements, and manipulates historic landform into a landscape terrace, a rail garden, a new open lawn amphitheatre and plaza that able to hold events. All of these layers work together to create a vigorous and memories industrial hub.