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Recurrent Experiences

Legibility in the landscape refers to how easily one can make sense of the space they are in. This understanding of reading the landscape prioritizes the visual experience and positions humans at the centre of the city. 

Redfern has been recognized as the urban heart of Aboriginal Australia since early in the twentieth century, when thousands of Aboriginals moved to the city looking for work in the Eveleigh Railyards. In Redfern, they found a multicultural community which welcomed outsiders. 

Today, university students dominate the streets between Redfern Station and Sydney University, with little knowledge of the area’s history. Recurrent Experiences adopts the Aboriginal concept of ‘time is cyclical and measured in natural systems, while space is unit-less and understood by spatial quality variations’. This view proposes a different understanding of legibility, one which highlights natural rhythms and encourages interaction between diverse user groups and cycles of nature.