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Karen Lau

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Central Gateway Plaza

Sitting at the southernmost part of Sydney CBD, Railway Square is a busy 5-ways traffic intersection as well as a transit hub. Each day, commuters and pedestrians pass through the square to and from Central for work, school and leisure. Yet, being the transport node it is, legibility and visual quality is poor in the eyes of pedestrians, making it an undesirable location to linger in despite the many heritage landmarks in the site. Taking advantage of the site’s strategic location, my project proposes to give Central Sydney a facelift and transform Railway Square into a world-class public space that celebrates the liveliness and beauty of the city. The new Central Gateway Plaza will be car-free and fully dedicated to pedestrians as roads and bus port go underground, unlocking ground level pedestrian connections to neighbouring destinations including George Street, Goods Line, and Darling Harbour.