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Kieran Briscoe

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


The growth of our cities is placing increasing pressure on global resources. Energy, waste, food and water need to be managed carefully in order to protect these resources into the future. Wasteland investigates how the process of waste to energy production can be integrated into the public domain.

The site, once functioning as a paint shop, is centrally located in the Central to Eveleigh corridor (C2E). This industrial function has become unviable, opening up an opportunity for a new productive function - a waste to energy power plant.
Captured waste from future C2E developments is piped into the site and converted into energy. This energy is distributed as bio-gas to tri-generation plants scattered around the city. The landscape is the platform for function, innovation and education. 
Wasteland is a hub for renewable energy where the visitor can move through the landscape, engage with the process and reflect. It will provide an insight into our consumption of waste and the importance of closed loop systems in a sustainable world