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Luna Tran

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Flex-Phonic Fragments

The Flex-Phonic Fragment introduces a new definition of public space built on Flexibility and Sound, which transforms 350 meter strip on Cleveland Street into an urban soundscape environment.

The design aims to enhance human sense of belongings in a noisy problematic urban environment by soundscape approach, which uses sound as implication to address the issues caused by noise.

This strategic idea is tested at streetscape and public domain, formed under a complex system of space typologies called Flex fragments, which constantly change responding to surrounding environments. ‘Sound’ is the core that ties flex-fragments together by using forgotten phonic element – PLANT, of which “language” and “reaction” to human will be audibly performed, by sound technology and vibration energy. 

By introducing Flex and Phonic, the design becomes a close loop of interaction between space-human and sound, in which users have the best potential to shape and manipulate space themselves both physically and sensory.