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Railway Side Park-The Living Water

My design question is ‘How to create a peaceful and engaging water park in urban public space by stormwater management?’ I am designing an urban park with a developed stormwater managing system beside the urban car workshop, and aiming to treat and store the water for reuse, and to maximise the value of stormwater resources. In my design proposal, stormwater management is sorted into three hierarchies – harvesting, treatment, and storage. While the process is made up of three steps – preliminary collecting and treating (rooftop garden and street raingardens, which collect stormwater from surrounding buildings and surface flows); secondary treatment (detention basin, water features and vertical gardens which treat the water a second time); final treatment and storage (acted by the major storage belt which purifies the water readying it for reuse). All the elements of the three steps are connected by a water linking system, which is activated by a water path and railway track raingardens.