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Peter Galluzzo

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Lucrative Leisure

Lucrative Leisure’s design vision aims to provide a new functional space within the Central to Eveleigh Corridor that promotes health and wellbeing by enhancing opportunities for exercise in this landscape.

The design creates spaces that playfully utilise the existing vacant land within the Eveleigh Carriageworks site. The design aims to demonstrate the role social space plays in enhancing health and wellbeing within the community. The site acts as a destination and addresses the need for an increase in residential dwellings, as well as the demand for open space sport facilities within the extended corridor.

Lucrative Leisure aims to activate open space through innovative landscape design. Pedestrian paths and cycleways are major design foci that provide distinct connections between the rail corridor and new paths. In terms of site character my vision aims to provide a vibrant open social space that enhances the Eveleigh carriageworks as a successful urban space within the corridor.