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Qizhi Hou

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Productive Landscape

Urban Agriculture is currently mushrooming in Sydney, along with cities around the world, and reshaping the urban landscape.

Australian bush foods, new-rising business crops in recent years, should be popularised in the production field as they have higher market demand and dynamic planting forms. The project is a 1.2 hectare urban farm on a parcel of post-industrial land in Eveleigh, cultivating Australian bush food species, with a  focus on wattle. This project aims to answer the question: ‘How can wattle plantings as a productive landscape  address the current soil pollution, reshape the space and bring multi-functions for the community and recreate the commons?’

The project not only looks to the new-rising food cultivation for inspiration, but also builds on the wasteland to the landscape into the future—providing an integrated, vibrant and dynamic urban productive hub for tomorrow.