Robert Marcs

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Central Park West

Central Park West in Eveleigh relies on four key design principles of 'Unity', 'Balance', 'Reveal' and 'Memory'. The design unifies the disconnected, inaccessible and non-permeable industrial landscape, into an urban parkland for community use; striking a balance of green infrastructure and industrial heritage, and of memory and opportunities for unintended programs.

The timeless solidity of the heritage buildings are contrasted against large swathes of green space, illuminating these buildings and creating internal vistas. A palette of industrial materials and a pathway design echoing railway lines subconsciously connect the user to the site’s memory, while literally "uniting" it through a network of promenades.  The north contains intimate spaces, dominated by a large steel pergola echoing the site’s history, to be eventually reclaimed by vegetation.

The design provides opportunities for user groups and local communities to forge new relationships and connections, and create their own meaning and make the space their own.