Ruixue Zhang

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

The Gallery—Community park

The Gallery is an investigation of creative solutions and reasonable scenarios that leverage ecological remediation approach as tools to engage surrounding residents in addressing ecological and public amenity. The project explored the potential implementation of different strategies at the western North Eveleigh in C2E corridor, Sydney. 

The aims of the project are to recognising a relationship between ecology and community needs; it proposes a spatial design and participation strategy that coordinates existing site conditions to address these problems at the same time. Currently, the sites are heavily polluted with organic as well as inorganic pollutants from the railway yard use. The proposal concept is to combine the  Phytoremediation method within a community garden seeking to achieve a unique and sustainable community park. 

The Gallery will introduce a new community garden mode - phytoremediation planting plots which are the essential landscape plants treat contaminated to remediates the site. However, adding this method to the community garden can also get the community involved with the site transformation and decontaminate not only the site but also encourage community engagement with the park. The park will be celebrated as a destination within North Eveleigh.