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Bachelor of Landscape Architecture



Transform the former industrial site into an ecological wetland park that contributes to water recycle & reuse, and flooding management. Meanwhile, activate the use of the vacant space and create dynamic green infrastructure and various programs to adapt the proposed live-work environment in order to provide a walkable and recreational public domain.


The existing site is currently experiencing serious flooding issue which is characterised as overland flow within the Alexandra Canal Catchment. The focus area of the project is the flooding problem occurring along the rail track. The forgotten water stores on the rail has potential hazard to the environment which is causing rusting, soil erosion and pollution. The project is aiming to deliver the water to a proposed water treatment system to enhance the quality of water and soil, then enable the enhanced water to be recycled and reused for the community's benefit.

Vibrant green infrastructures will establish to adapt to the proposed water conditions. The project uses natural elements such as berms, dunes and terrace embankment to demonstrate various dynamic edge conditions to adapt the flooding event. The green infrastructure also promotes people activities and engagement with the places and encourage them socialising and communicating in order to provide a positive human experience in urban environment.