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Sara McGufficke

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

A Conscious Landscape

This project responds to issues arising from the increase in air pollution as the Central to Eveleigh Corridor precinct densifies to almost double the existing population. The rise in air pollution, created by the increase in C02 levels, will be dramatically influenced by the surge of local road traffic. To alleviate this foreseen impact on Redfern, A CONSCIOUS LANDSCAPE first aims to heighten the performance of the rail side verge as a carbon sequestration sink. Secondly, it seeks to challenge the current perception of this landscape by hyper-expressing its role in offsetting C02 in urban environments. 

By revealing these processes and functions through exaggerated experiences, the project establishes the needed conversation between humans and the environment. The project re-asserts the value of ‘left over’ landscapes, the byproducts of urban infrastructure, and it challenges the ‘wasteland’ stigma associated with them. In return, A CONSCIOUS LANDSCAPE portrays these urban voids as beautiful and essential to the sustainable cities.