Ting Gan

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

North Eveleigh Restorative Park

North Eveleigh Restorative Park is a green space in the middle of an urban commercial campus. It aims to alleviate mental fatigue and to promote the wellbeing of office workers and improve employee performance and satisfaction.

The design approach is an exploration of Attention Restoration Theory (Kaplan, 1995) and Restorative Environmental and Biophilic Design (Kellert, Heerwagen & Mador 2008) through understanding how restorative environment can reduce stress, enhance creativity, expedite healing and improve concentration. North Eveleigh Restorative Park responds to the sites industrial characteristics and the needs of office workers and surrounding residents in mind.

North Eveleigh Restorative Park features a winding path system which provides access around four main areas. The first area is a flexible event space with shipping containers as show rooms or co-operative studios. The second area is a Plane Tree grove where the changing colours and falling leaves enhance the feeling of seasonal change. The third area is a diverse network of paths, mounds, and basins for meandering, lunching or resting. The fourth area is a woodland bird habitat serving as the final “fascination” at the end of the journey.