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Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


Frame to Portal is a linear space between Railway Square, Henry Deane Plaza, and the Transit hub along Lee Street. It responds to the distinctive site character from Kevin Lynch's theory of legibility. This project explores the character of legibility (Paths, Nodes, Edges, Districts, Landmark) through people, fabric of the city, and future development of Sydney CBD.

The project aims to re-shape the hypothesis of imageability on the western entrance of Central Station, further develop a short-cut method to eliciting the public image of the site. Together it contributes the characteristic of legibility, highlight the significance of interrelationships and ambiguities at the intersections of different elements to create new landscape forms.

The new design restructures public transport by extending the idea of pedestrianisation which connects to George Street, strengthens the connections to the limited hardscape elements, and reinforce the quality of the public realm