St Spyridon School


With precisely the same view of Architecture as enunciated within the Murcutt Rural Studio, this studio proposed a school building that incorporates two campuses that are presently run by the College into one. The project is a real project where one of the presently-considered options for the College is what the studio will consider.The College is a comprehensive school under by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia (Redfern).It has run for around 30 years and has found it is well positioned in the State of New South Wales as a competitive school with sound results in the HSC. It offers around 600 students a complement of activities and its Board has decided to double its student enrolments over the next 10 years given its healthy waiting list.

The controversial project for the Community may require a reconsideration of the existing St Spyridon Church and its environments in Kensington. It also required a reconsideration of sports and grounds and the general requirements. around the school to cater for the increasing demands of a larger school. The site, therefore is an urban site with enormous challenges that need to be considered in the context of the future programmed needs of a young but vibrant school community.

In its attitude to drawing and hand crafting, the studio respected the concept of drawing and sketching by hand. The sense of subtlety was required in both a keen eye for observation as well as accuracy and attention to detail. Students were required to develop a comprehensive understanding of the urban context and its possibilities as well as to understand in detail the social, community, psychological and cultural history of the client as well as the context for the project.

 The brief required a master-plan to be created for the entire school to be accommodated on the Kensington Campus.  A school with increased level of facilities is required to be therefore designed at the Kensington Campus for years Pre-Kinder-garden to Year 12. To make things more complicated, the school wishes to increase its numbers from the 600 students it presently holds to around 1500 students over the next 12 years.  Students were asked to consider the increase in the accommodation required by the brief as well as to include a number of uses that are adjunct to the core-school-uses (various sports, extra-curricular, specialist music, specialist art).