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Alan Jackson

Bachelor of Industrial Design


EpiCure is a personal food allergen detection device which enables people who suffer from severe food allergy to now sample and screen food products for life threatening allergens in just a few minutes.


EpiCure will reassure those who suffer from allergies that their choices are free from allergens when testing grocery items or dining out.


EpiCure enhances social opportunities for allergy sufferers without having to take considerable risk.


EpiCure counters the often vague, ambiguous or misleading information from manufacturers and food retailers. It comprises of an easy to use and portable test kit that can be used in or outside of the home. EpiCure offers simultaneous testing for any 4 of the 9 most allergenic food types. It does this by using respected and reliable laboratory procedures in a affordable pocket-sized device.


EpiCure can further provide rich and useful information through use of an associated Smartphone App. Future uses for EpiCure could be for food spoilage and nutritional testing.