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Andrew Phipps

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Modulus - Modular Personal Electronic Device

Modulus is a personal electronic device that combines a wallet with the functionality a modern-day smart-phone. It benefits the owner by allowing them to configure their device to their individual needs and lifestyle, whilst minimising electronic waste impact.

With modular design, complex electronic components are arranged into smaller manageable units, which can be replaced, serviced, upgraded or repaired. Through incremental upgrades, the need to replace an entire smart-phone with a completely new model is eliminated, saving material resources and reducing the cost of ownership. Modulus provides an effective means of customising the look and style of personal devices, as well as retaining technological relevance with newer electronic hardware and software.

Furthermore, the Modulus system can play a key role as a remote control for electronic networking services, such as data cloud management, personal security access, household appliance monitoring and control of office systems.