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Chloe Rennie

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Crowd Management Responder

Crowd Management Responder (CMR) is a less lethal weapon that is designed for crowd control by authorised law enforcement services. The device emits high frequency millimetre waves that generate a burning sensation on the outer skin, without causing any damage. By using a person’s natural instincts for self preservation, CMR minimises the level of aggression and injury that might result from use of other law enforcement tools.

The CMR device is a pulse weapon that requires 3 seconds for it to reach maximum effect on its subject. The waves travels through all clothing, excluding solid metal and stone with a working distance of 5-10 metres. With two button activation and in-built safety measures, CMR is a less lethal weapon that can assist the law enforcement operations.

As a portable device, CMR has the potential to assist everyday law enforcement situations, and larger crowd control scenarios.