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Danyon Boyd

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Habatat 2 (H2.0)

The Habatat 2 H2.0 (pronouced Ha-BAT-at due to resemblance to a bat's wing) is a multi-purpose shelter system that is designed for communities in natural and man-made disasters. For those who are in need of a temporary shelter and other basic human needs, H2.0 will provide these necessities to fast track redevelopment processes.

The H2.0 is a versatile shelter system that can adapt to the various conditions. Because of this versatility, the shelter can meet the needs of users like Urban search and rescue personnel, refugees and internally displaced persons. This will empower users to progress, operate and develop effectively. 

Unlike other tents on the market,   The H2.0 harvests rainwater for everyday consumption and sanitation needs. When the package is upgraded, the H2.0 adds renewable energies like solar and wind power to provide the occupants with basic energy needs.