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Edward Zahra

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Head On

The Head On concussion detecting headband is a safety device for players of contact sports. Head On is designed as an inexpensive headwear solution to appeal to younger players for use during sporting activities where there is a risk of concussion.

On concussive impact, the Head On makes an initial assessment of impact forces and uses colour-changing LEDs to indicate the severity of the impact. This information is recorded by the sensors, processed and then accessed through an accompanying smart phone App. Players, coaches and parents can then analyse any impact data. This feedback can be used and shared with medical professionals as a guide to assess player well-being a er a concussive event.

The device is made of flexible and durable material that has been designed for user comfort. The Head On is designed with maximum air-flow potential to contribute to player comfort. Internal sensors are aligned with the player’s spine to ensure data readings reflect an accurate assessment of any incurred injury.