Era Camilet

Bachelor of Industrial Design


Calming autistic child tantrums

Every parent would agree that calming a toddler’s tantrum is never an experience they look forward to. But for parents with an autistic child the possibilities of tantrums (meltdowns) remain present even as their child grows into adulthood.

Hug is a self-regulation system that will alert parents to a potential meltdown even before it occurs. By enabling early intervention, self-injury and aggressive outbursts can be avoided.   Unlike other products that focus on the reactive control to meltdowns, Hug will provide parents a convenient, calming and socially acceptable means of tracking and managing their child’s behavioural moods. It assists by building independent self-regulation skills for the autistic child.

Every parent wants their children, autistic or otherwise to be safe and secure and know with full confidence that they are loved, often best expressed with a Hug.