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Greta Saggus

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Scrap Snacks

Scrap Snacks is an at home system that up-cycles kitchen food scraps into a valuable alternative resource, nutritious food for your animals.

On average, Australians throw away 4 million tonnes of food each year, that is $8 billion dollars worth of food going into the bin. Coincidentally, on average, Australians also spend $8 billion on their pets each year. Scrap Snacks is designed in response to both of these statistics by providing a solution to domestic food waste and the expense of pet ownership.

Through an innovative system of blending, extruding and dehydrating, Scrap Snacks converts food waste into nutrient rich pet food treats or a supplementary dry food. Using Scrap Snacks can annually reduce organic household waste by 360kg and save up to $190 per pet.

This nutritious, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution means healthier pets, less wasted resources, money saved and an all ‘round better solution for how we use and share food in the home.