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JianBo Zhao

Bachelor of Industrial Design


ElPo is a medication management device and pill dispenser for older users who may have difficulty managing their own medication compliance at home. ElPo reduces complexity and the risk of error so that users maintain a positive attitude towards taking medication.

EIPo makes things easier for the user, by keeping medication times an doses in memory and giving reminders accurately by light and sound. The user only needs to press a button to have the correct pills to be dispensed by ElPo.

Blister packs of pills are stored inside EIPo and pills are automatically pushed out as required, making it easier for an elderly user whose hands are affected by arthritis. Up to eight different blister packs can be stored in EIPo at the same time to satisfy the needs of users on many different medications.

Other stakeholders are involved in the EIPo system, such as family, friends and pharmacist, by using an app which will allow monitoring and encourage the older user to take medication consciously.

ElPO could be used to improve medication compliance in hospitals and aged care facilities, as well as in the home.