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Jonah Beard

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Your Quiver

Surfboard Share System


Your Quiver brings the share economy to the surf industry, revolutionising the surfing experience for surfers and non-surfers alike.


Strategically located at popular surfing beaches, Your Quiver is a surfboard share system housed inside beach front furniture, giving surfers convenient access to a diverse range of surfboards. The system also allows surfers to share their own boards at local beaches, creating new sources of income for a surfer by sharing their lesser used boards. Equally, manufacturers can promote new surfboard models gaining instant market feedback and generating greater income via repeated rental fees than is possible with a one-off board sale.


Equipped with an intelligent tracking system, Your Quiver monitors rentals and returns and sends updates to the renter’s phone, keeping your board safe and notifying you of its use and resultant income.


Over time we hope to influence board ownership trends towards sharing, why be limited to just the few boards you own when you could have access to hundreds and surf whatever you want every time!