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Joshua Steven Hermawan

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Trixo-lium, Health and wellbeing in the office environment

Trixo is about finding your balance. it is an ergonomic sit-stand perching stool that provides perching support with a wide range of movement. It allows office workers to effortlessly stay active throughout the day, which will lessen physical and mental fatigue and other health concerns caused by sitting for long periods of time.

The  name Trixo  is short for Trixolium, which means an equilibrium or a balance of three external factors. The nam signifies the way we perch on Trixo to stay active. We balance our weight with both our legs in contact with the ground, promoting good balance for health and wellbeing.

The main mechanism of the stool Biomimics our skeletal system and how our bones are connected. The frame represents bones, as it pivots forward along a steel rod axis. Torsion springs stretch and flex to connect and keep parts in position just like ligaments, and rubber bushings act as cartilages by supporting  our side to side and irregular movements.