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Kelly Caveagna

Bachelor of Industrial Design


Multisense is a wearable wayfinding system that helps visually impaired people navigate a sighted world. It provides independent travelling possibilities, offering spontaneity and autonomy to the user.

The system consists of an open ear-bone conduction headset. This works by using mini vibrations to deliver sound through the bone and to the inner ear, thus allowing the user to retain situational awareness. The second system component is a compact clip-on wearable device with an ultrasonic sensor to detect incoming obstacles such as low-hanging objects. Haptic motor feedback communicates this information to the user using a range of vibrations and patterns. 

Both wearables are operated by a mobile phone app designed with the visually impaired in mind. 

Multisense is intended to be used in conjunction with a cane or a guide dog as a complementary device and does not replace other aids for visually impaired users.

Multisense offers an enhanced perceptual and multisensory experience of our surroundings which opens up a different way of seeing.