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Maria Packman

Bachelor of Industrial Design


Carie is a home integrated, non-invasive reminder system, designed for residents living with early stage dementia. Through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Carie is able to communicate with the resident and caregivers to increase the individual’s sense of independence while simultaneously reducing what is often referred to as ‘caregiver burden’.
The Carie system works together with a pressure sensitive mat and application, providing a tailored solution to the resident with dementia. Through the Carie app, family and friends of the resident with dementia are able to upload songs, pictures and update their daily schedule. Each scheduled task is input with a song and series of photos, aimed at passively reminding the resident of the task at hand.
Carie is unlike any other product currently on the market, as it is a more affordable solution than an Apple I-Pad, and functions as more than just a monitoring system or a means for entertainment.