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Quincy Lim

Bachelor of Industrial Design


Fuse is a carry system for photographers that adapts to their changing needs. Whether needing to pack for a short day photoshoot or a long overnight hike, Fuse has the ability to accommodate those loads without being cumbersome.

The carry system consists of a backpack and sling style bags that can be used either individually or together depending upon the requirements of the user. A padded foam lining protects sensitive photographic equipment from impacts and other hazards. Large zippered panels provide easy access to internal storage areas. Side attachment points provide additional storage options such as pouches and straps to attach equipment such as tripods. Padded foam internal dividers can be placed anywhere to provide a custom fit for equipment no matter what the photographer decides to carry.

Fuse replaces the need for photographers to have multiple bags for different situation by providing one a single adaptable solution.