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Terry Dal Broi

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Clear Coast Shark Detection Buoy

Clear Coast is a shark detection device that is positioned at fixed points a few hundred meters offshore from popular coastal and harbour beaches. 

It has been developed to aid the prevention of shark encounters for beach users. The Clear Coast buoy is fitted with an advanced sonar system that is able to identify the presence of a shark from other objects within in the sonar range. 

Once a shark has been detected and identified a signal is sent to the lifeguard tower or coastal authorities alerting them to the location of the shark in the surveillance area. Appropriate action is then taken to mitigate risks to the beach users.

Furthermore, Clear Coast buoy is also suitable for unpatrolled beaches thereby increasing the safety of the beach user dramatically. 

Clear Coast’s potential benefits to public safety when using our beaches and ocean is enormous without harming sharks. Installing Clear Coast could reduce the need for shark nets and drum-lines which are often found to be ineffective.